SportsEngine Registration: Lake Purdy Rowing Association

Introduction to Rowing Registration



Are you curious about rowing?  Experience what it is all about in this in-depth half-day session focusing on sculling (rowing with two oars).  This Introduction combines lessons included in the first 3 days of our summer group classes, with the added benefit of personal instruction.  The cost is $95.



  .  You’ll receive terminology, videos, and information in advance, so you’ll be prepared to “hit the ground running”. 

  .  When you arrive at the lake, you’ll receive one-on-one training in rowing technique on land.

  .  Then you’ll get into a two-person rowing shell (a double) with a coach who will both demonstrate and teach you: oar handling, bladework, the basic rowing stroke, and how to turn the boat. 

  .  Next you’ll get into a stable beginner single (one-person rowing shell) alone, to practice what you’ve learned. 

  .  Finally, on land you’ll meet with a coach to discuss how you want to proceed. 


Due to equipment design limitations we cannot accept candidates weighing more than 250 pounds.  Candidates must be comfortable in and on the water, and competent swimmers able to tread water for 10 minutes, Tuition is nonrefundable.  

In the event of lightning or severe weather, you will be notified and the event will be held the following week.  


Please direct questions to:

Marietta  Williams

Marietta Williams