SportsEngine Registration: Lake Purdy Rowing Association

2018 Learn to Row Application



Rowing is a beautiful and graceful sport which requires individual and team coordination.  The classes are geared toward people age 18 to 80 who have never rowed, 

The curriculum covers safety, rowing technique, familiarization with equipment, and one-oar (sweep) team rowing in 4- or 8-person boats. Classes are taught in a sequential manner with each session building upon the previous one, so it is necessary that you attend each of the 6 sessions. Also, others may not be able to row if you do not show up - you can't row an 8-person boat with less than 8 people. Graduates with demonstrated competence will be eligible to join LPRA and participate in club rowing activities. Tuition is $150.


Sat. June 9, 3pm-5pm

Sun. June 10, 8am-10am

Tues. June 12, 6pm-8pm

Sat. June 16, 8am-10am

Sun. June 17, 8am-10am

Tues. June 19, 6pm-8pm



Sat. July 14, 3pm-5pm

Sun. July 15, 8am-10am

Tues. July 17, 6pm-8pm

Sat. July 21, 8am-10am

Sun. July 22, 8am-10am

Tues. July 24, 6pm-8pm

Candidates must be comfortable in and on the water, competent swimmers able to tread water for 10 minutes, strong enough to help lift the boats overhead to carry them from the shed to the water, and willing to respect the authority of the coaches at all times. Tuition is nonrefundable, as you have taken the place of someone else who wanted to participate. However, if you cancel prior to the first class AND we are able to fill your seat, or if an entire session is cancelled for unforeseeable reasons, your tuition will be refunded in full. Due to equipment design limitations we cannot accept candidates weighing more than 250 pounds.

We must receive your application, 3 release forms, and tuition payment in order to secure your seat.


Please direct questions to:

Marietta  Williams

Marietta Williams